The Face Cream I Can’t Live Without

This time of year is a stalwart for suffering skin. Weeks of excess have left their mark (I can’t be the only one comfort eating their way through lockdown) and what little goodness remains is sucked right out of my skin by the central heating, leaving my skin feeling as though it’s been stretched taught across my face. I’ve been disheartened many a time by the promise of well balanced hydration, receiving instead too thick, pore clogging creams that leave a distinctive shine yet somehow still leave my skin dry.

Enter Kiehls with their Ultra Facial Cream, a clever formula that offers much more than just surface hydration.

The simple, unassuming packaging may not be as glossy as some of my more luxe products but what the product lacks in panache it more than makes up for in results. The cream was formulated to improve softness, smoothness and radiance whilst keeping skin moisturised over a 24hr period. With a surprisingly light texture, the Ultra Facial Cream sinks easily and quickly into the skin, providing 24hr hydration with continuous water replenishment throughout the day.

And no one could ever accuse Kiehls of not going the extra mile, having tested in the product in the harshest of weather climates, the North Pole. With proven hydration capabilities in even subarctic temperatures, the cream is the perfect antidote for the constant weather upheavals we’re face on a daily basis.


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